Tucci Learning Solutions provides home based services for birth to 3, school age children, and adults with a diagnosis of autism, pervasive developmental disorders, other developmental disabilities, and challenging behavioral difficulties. Individualized treatment plans are developed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts after extensive evaluation and assessment. All TUCCi interactions are based on the PLAY LEARN ACHIEVE non coercive model which emphasizes meeting the learner where they are and establishes value by creating a framework where interaction is possible and welcomed. TUCCi BCBAs work in the home with learners and their families with the goal of making it possible for learners to thrive in home, school and community settings. These goals are accomplished by mindful implementation of TUCCi’s Competent Learner Model.

Access to a home program may be funded through insurance, your local CA Regional Center, or private pay options. In California, please learn your rights under the Senate Bill 946, known as the CA Autism Insurance Mandate.

For more information on the mandated health benefits in Texas, click here.  For more autism Insurance related information visit the Texas Department of Insurance.   

We are IN NETWORK with most major insurance companies. Contact us and we will verify your treatment benefits!

competent learner model

Often during the IEP process, schools look for specialized support for students with challenging behaviors. TUCCi provides that support with highly trained teams who work to develop the missing repertoires that students need to be successful in their learning environments. We are proud of our collaborative service model, and strive to provide the most directly effective learning model possible for our clients.


Early Start Services for children with special needs birth through 36 months – Learning through Doing with caring and knowledgeable professionals

With a focus on the social-emotional development of children and families, we provide parent/caregiver support and training individually designed to address specific family needs and concerns. Parents/caregivers are supported and coached throughout the early intervention process so that they are better able to promote the development of their child. To gain access to our Early Start Services, please contact TUCCI LEARNING SOLUTIONS.


We offer a comprehensive social skills program with a focus on understanding emotions, appreciating peer-directed activities, as well as building and increasing self-management repertoires. Through the use of evidence based interventions, opportunities are provided for skills learned to be used in peer directed settings with scaffolded support as the individual child grows and learns.


While your kids are enjoying their social skills program, we want parents to be empowered and encouraged by interacting with other families who share similar journeys, guided by a caring and knowledgeable BCBA.  No matter the differences, background or history – equal opportunities are given to each person to learn, grow, and thrive. In this manner, we create COMMUNITY.


This unique TUCCi service allows family members and/ or educators access to Competent Learner Model trained Coaches. This world wide network of coaches provide expertise in a variety of areas including Applied Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching and Speech & Language development. This service is offered in a virtual format (online via ZOOM) and can be accessed by anyone desiring services in any location.

This service can be especially effective for acute situations and can serve as an excellent hands on introduction to TUCCi’s Competent Learner Model.

For assistance in finding a coach please contact Tucci Learning Solutions directly at (831) 786-0600 or through the eLearning Store.

CLM Implementation

Would your school district special education department benefit from a model that provides supportive one-on-one COACHING for behavior analytic skill acquisition throughout the PHASES of a structured implementation? Would your staff benefit from deepening their understanding of the core skills students need in order to be successful in the classroom school setting?

Creating and developing a culture change in your classroom takes TIME. It takes SUPPORT. It takes COMMITMENT. Instructional staff and administration are in collaboration with Certified CLM Coaches in every step of this process.  A CLM implementation offers a full array of tools to engage staff at every level, from assessment to curriculum to data collection, adhering to the phases of implementation will transform your classroom into a team environment where everyone benefits from student achievement!

For more information, contact the CLM Center of Excellence



Tucci Learning Solutions offers BCBA Supervision for aspiring behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts in training. Our supervision is grounded in our own Competent Learner Model which provides ABA students a deep and comprehensive framework to bring to their practice with learners, parents and schools. Our supervision services are available to ANY ABA candidate seeking experienced BCBA mentors who are focused on the application of ABA skills, are familiar with the BACB Fieldwork Tracker, and are current with BACB guidelines. The basis of our practice is establishing value with our clients in order to increase success in both behavior change and skill acquisition. We strive to incorporate ethics and professional development and thus we only use and advocate for non coercive methods that are based in play and grounded in science. We use our publication “Worksheets for Designing Contingencies” extensively in our supervision and find that it is an indispensable tool for AB programs.

We welcome anyone seeking supervision services to visit our eLearning Store, Inc. or contact us directly.


Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. is an authorized Continuing Education Provider Organization. Type II CEUs are available for each unit of the CLM Course of Study. For more information, or to purchase CEUs, contact Kristen Wood.


Sample Coach Demonstration

CLM Coaching Example

Rini West Coaching Video 1

Rini West Coaching Video 2

Introduction To the CLM

Stop Stealing Dreams

Seth Godin asks TEDxYouth, "What is school for?"

Building Capacity to Affect All Learners

CLM Accredited sites at Vista School and Riverview Intermediate Unit demonstrate full implementation of the CLM. Parents, teachers, para-professionals, and administrators all discuss the benefits they have experienced from CLM implementation.

Instructional Strategies

Instructional Engineering